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Zinc roofing

Zinc Roofing

Zinc is becoming more popular due to its versatility which can meet with demanding architectural designs.

Zinc can be installed to roof pitches of 5 – 90 degrees which makes it ideal for almost any structure. Zinc is a very thin and lightweight material meaning it can be shaped to suit the curves and angles of any roof design.

No available in a variety of colours of textures, Zinc has an excellent visual appearance.

Zinc can reach a lifespan of 100 years if correctly maintained and is fully recyclable which makes it environmentally friendly. When you take the long lifespan of zinc into consideration it can be extremely cost-effective, and is virtually maintenance free.

Various colours are available, and a pre-weathered option is a great for a more weathered appearance.

Many roofs in London have benefited from traditional zinc roofing for many, many years with great success.

The central valley gutter in the image was installed by us 10 years ago. The zinc has naturally weather to reveal a beautiful patina

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