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Choosing the right tradespeople

Rogue Traders

We have all watched the programs and heard the horror stories however, we still receive a large amount calls from homeowners that have been duped by these scammers.

Learn how to spot roofing scammers and avoid them before they have conned you.

Roofing scammers tend to target the elderly and homes that they believe can afford to hand over cash to have a ‘problem’ fixed on their roof. They will often appear at your door unannounced stating that they were driving past or are working in the area and noticed that you had a problem with your roof. The scammer will offer you a free appraisal of your roof and will disappear to inspect it themselves. After a closer look at your roof, they will tell you that there are some serious issues and will await your reaction to the problem.

Once the scammer has your attention and sees that you’re concerned with the condition of your roof, they will more often than not offer you a one-off special deal to ‘help you out’. The scammer will offer you a “cheap deal” if you hand over the cash there and then and will even offer to take you to the cash machine or bank so that you can get the funds; needless to say when you hand over the money, they will disappear without any work being carried out. Even in some better case scenarios, the work may get finished, but be of a poor standard and the materials may not be of a good quality.

Scammers can start of by telling you that you have a minor defect with your roof (usually slipped tiles, missing ridge tile etc) and offer to carry out the repair for a small amount of money; however, once they have then managed to access the roof, they will create problems and the small repair which you initially agreed then becomes expensive.

Avoiding the Scam Roofers

It’s very easy to avoid rogue roofers; firstly, beware of any roofer than knocks at your door, unannounced and informed you of any problems with your roof, or any aspect of your property.

Do not let any unannounced/unexpected roofers carry out a ‘free inspection’ on the spot without knowing they’re reputable and their credentials have been checked out. Always ask to see a roofer’s company details and get their office details and landline number.

Obtain details of previous clients that are happy to be contacted to establish whether they happy with the works.

Never agree to any works or hand over any money to a roofer without first establishing whether they are reputable.

Most reputable roofers will not knock at your property and inform you that they noticed any issues when they were passing.

Most reputable roofers will not request that any cash be handed over; they will provide you with am invoice and will provide you with alternative payment options.

Always do your research and don’t be tempted as a matter of urgency; these scammers know to target homeowners during practically wet times when they know that people may be receiving problems and that most reputable builders will be busy.

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