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Pre-purchase roof inspections/reports

Pre purchase roof inspections are extremely important when you are in the process of purchasing a property and can save you ‘the homebuyer’ a considerable amount of money and stress. Most people do not think that paying for a thorough inspection to the roof areas is necessary as they have had a Homebuyers report carried out; however, most of these reports are usually quite vague when reporting on the condition of the roof areas and usually state that you should seek the advice of a roofer.

We have been contacted on countless of occasions by people that have recently purchased a property which is now receiving water ingress. Unfortunately, on many of these occasions, it is determined that either major works or a full roof replacement is required, which results in the new homeowner having to find the cost for these works.

We offer pre-purchase reports for a full roof inspection; this consists of carrying out an inspection to all accessible areas of the roof (i.e. roof structures, insulation, ventilation, roof coverings, chimney stacks, parapet walls, guttering etc).  A full report on the condition of the roof areas will be provided and we will also advise as to whether, in our opinion, there will be any works which may be required in the near future; costs to rectify all defects will be provided within our report along with photographs which will be taken throughout our inspection.

The cost of the inspection is also deductible should you decide to purchase the property and have the required work carried out by us.

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