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May 10, 2019
June 6, 2019
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Why providing ventilation to the loft space is essential!

Why providing ventilation to the loft space is essential!

Visible signs of condensation on the inside of your roof is an indicator that the roof is not properly ventilated, especially if this is noted in the colder months of the year. You may notice droplets of water (‘roof sweating’) or damp patches.

Condensation can reduce the life expectancy of your roof coverings, insulation, etc.

Water vapour in the air causes a vapour pressure, the warmer the air, the greater capacity there is to contain moisture. Whilst this may have minimal effect on your day-to-day life, in the long term you damp problems may occur which could lead to rotting timber and water ingress

Installing ventilation to the roof, regulates the temperature in the loft space. Preventing the loft space from becoming too warm or too cold can reduce the build-up of moisture levels which reduces the risk of condensation.

When you install roof vents to combat the risk of condensation, the regulated roof temperature also helps regulate the temperature throughout the property. This can mean lower energy consumption and therefore lower energy bills

There are various types of ventilation available:

  • Tile & slate vents
  • Flat roof vents
  • Through -wall extraction vents
  • Eave vents
  • Ridge vents

If you concerned that your roof void does not have the appropriate ventilation we will be happy to assist.

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