Eternit Thrutone Slates
December 5, 2019
February 10, 2020
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SIGA is one of the largest suppliers of Natural Slate in the world, due to their reputation for quality, traceability and consistency.

Siga provide natural roofing slate from reputable quarries; Siga 39 slates are sourced in the San Vicente Region, Spain and are selected to provide strong, aesthetically pleasing blue/grey textured finish slates with minimal grading and sorting.

Providing readily available alternatives to long discontinued and limited availability slates from Wales and Scotland without compromising on quality.

Engineered by mother nature, the natural properties of the slates give them better performance and offer the best results in terms of durability and beauty.

SIGA 39 slates come with a manufactures 75 Year Warranty, subject to installation in accordance with prevailing British Standards and good roofing practice.

SIGA 39 slates are fully compliant with the Construction Product Regulations, are CE marked and traceable back to source.

All slates are S1, T1, W1 (≤ 0,6%) to comply with NHBC Standards.

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